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Muscat Municipality... Singing out of Swarm!!


Muscat - Business and Tenders


Echoes of "Development of Governmental Performance Mechanisms” symposium still resounds in the sky of Sultanate; drawing new steps of future hopes more roominess, in parallel with the outcome of the symposium of the recommendations which are in line with the blessed renaissance policy...


Following the approach which "Business and Tenders" started   during its previous editions ; in unique advertising step which aims to put all the obstacles on the table of decision-makers; in order to reveal the facts; especially that a large portion of those constraints mainly happened as a result of lacking of transparency.


Where are the elemnts of MuscatMunicipality? Where are the technical affairs? And where is the organizational structure and its effectiveness in our daily life? questions posed by many people,   they are suffering daily during their visit to the building located in Muttrah, to what extent municipal employees condoned there about many negatives which the region afflicting, as is the case in many of the streets of Muscat governorate, where all sorts of drills proliferate there, or the construction waste which exacerbated there, on the other side there are the projects - especially road projects - that are held and taking very long time increasing the questions around it, and on the role of regulatory bodies, and Muscat Municipality to follow up the reasons behind non-completion, especially , people who suffer from the long period of these projects (which fills Muscat streets) hardly finds some clues that draw his attention for the presence of workers or technicians to give him a glimmer of hope in touching actual achievement for that work , this increases   fears of some people that Muscat losing its glory gradually and moving from its position which occupied  this year as the capital of Arab tourism , citizens Suffering and their fears, put on the municipal staff the responsibility to review those companies and institutions which are entrusted with the completion of these actions, and research behind the procedures for the allocation of these projects. Let start with "Roads Crisis ", despite the efforts that Muscat Municipality updates us in the roads rehabilitation within the governorate, and changing the rotors to intersections and traffic lights, people who use those squares or walking in these streets, that after receiving some of those projects - which its costs reached millions riyals - obvious drawbacks appearing to those road’s stepper; as at "Wattayah" rotor intersection that pitfalls unformed of bitumen appeared, in the intersection center heading to “Khawla” hospital, and cracks in the coming direction from Roy, and it is the defects that have emerged since not long time, and it has not been fixed yet.


The speech still continues about the suffering of Al "Ghubra" square users' , it is enough to point out that square which represents   an important axis for those whom are coming to and from the states of Seeb and Muscat, but the repair works consider as a nuisance to its goers,   the reader should realize that who comes from Azaiba area - for example - remain crouching behind signals for more than half an hour, to be able only to reaches to "Khuwair" region.


In Seeb state, there are many examples : First, the strong curvature which facing you whenever you has logged in Ms. Mazoon Mosque’s rotor, from Al-Mawaleh to Alkhoeed, as well as Almabalh – Alkhoeed road, especially after the rotating leading to the Qaser rotor, it is a very dangerous road. The same case with Al-Hayel South road, especially after leaving "Khamis for Shoes", which is (a safe place) for accidents, because the lines are contradictory, and the street in area repairs area is very narrow with presence of a strong curvature in the road.


Also , in this region , last March ,   news announced about technical defects in some parts of " Almabalh " and "Al Khoudh " bridges, although it is a recently constructed bridge. The question arises: Who is the responsible for planning this bridge, which thousands of cars passing it daily ?


This ..   many of the road goers to Muttrah state showing their wary of its poor planning;   according to their saying, despite of commercial fame of the state and its embrace of the most important financial institutions in Sultanate, but that did not satisfy its roads to be parallel with its economic reputation, since you hardly hear about Muttrah then followed by a whimper statement about its Traffic routes and its planning.


Not to mention the lineup of several cars behind their counterparts queues at traffic lights, and at the rotors entrances, especially near Roy rotor , Al-Hamriya rotor , and Wadi Adai rotor , and more broadly, you can see the line of cars stopped after Al-Wattayah rotor , through Al-Hamriya valley rotor , then Roy rotor. And this amid people’s claims for increasing or expanding the exits for the passage of the largest possible number of cars at the same time.


Adding to that the parking’s crisis; as Muttrah parking also not accommodate more than just fifteen car in the area which represents an important commercial center in the governorate, and frequented by many of the citizens and residents, and till now the car owners looking for specific parking in this region and they do not find.


For Ruwi market parking , the taxi drivers suffering , as it is not suitable because of its presence behind the market’s entrance, and it is the corner which the passengers does not come for seeking for taxi service, as it is being located far from the center of the market, thus if we put in consideration that most of the passengers carrying goods; making it difficult for them to carry them to the current location, as they standing to the internal side of the road, until they are transferred from there by roaming taxi owners whom do not abide with the queuing system in the current parking.


For Quriyat state, where the road which leads to Saad valley is narrow, which needs total renovation, especially since it carries its steppers to the first category tourism state, once you inter the street, you find falling rocks on the road’s sides, and is incomplete concretes, and the street is “bold” from a direction and "very tight" from the other direction.. This poses a threat to its goer’s life.


In Quriyat also,   which make us wonder that in 2009, the occupants of Krabe region- second area asking for claims to Muscat Municipality for asphalting of the internal roads there, especially it is a modern area and consider as state’s interface in terms of presence of all the necessary services except the internal roads, and the replay of the municipality at this time was that this area within the municipal plan, but the application signs were started in early 2011, and it was marking all internal roads to determine the roads features from the buildings planned.


Lack of Services


Perhaps the insiders on the living conditions in Muscat governorate; attracted by this odd concentration for the building and construction in some key areas; including: Al-Amerat Heights or fourth Almabalh - and where there are more than 12 thousand pieces of land - and eighth, but did not notice actual action in the service side , as the current available services there does not encouraging for housing and accommodation there, especially there is no internal streets network and there is no illuminations, and other basic essentials of life. Is it conceivable?


Not to mention that a lot of land there with low-lying areas, their owners cannot build it before knowing the paved street level of their house; not to be at the bottom of the street; which represents a worrying obsession for the residents of those areas.For the hygiene, a long conversation about it ; especially it has been observed a hygiene shortage on during the recent times in some areas of Muscat, and specifically the near barracks from Alam Palace, passing the near barracks of the sea road.


Between lateness of cleaners to carry out their tasks starting at ninth instead of seven in the morning, and reaching to not to deal quickly with this health problem in the first rank, the problem of hygiene remain masking the facial aesthetic of the capital.


In Muttrah state - to name a few - which considers as one of the most important states that represent Sultanate in all aspects, and many Arab and foreign tourists staying there - finding Phelps Street, for example – which allocated after Muttrah building hotel - at a morning time the filled with sewage on the street, and despite people appealing which lasted for nearly five years, but the case as it is.




On the other hand, a problem of yard taxis raised, and the most prominent which is located in front of the Al-Sahwa gardens, as it is considers as a place for all Sultanate’s governorates, despite that greenly beauty which the wealth Al-Sahwa Gardens filled with, tens are deviated from the road’s side - and perhaps hundreds - of taxies with their owners and passengers, and whose their numbers increasing every year, and in the opposite there were nothing increased in the place but the sidewalks and gardening …


For example the only existing mosque in the region is small walls and roofed with umbrella of unfixed material as it is since years, which is hardly accommodate only for ten prayers, while the others have to wait for the prayers to pray according to the role-Based, not to mention the lack of healthy toilets; which contributes in spreading many diseases due to huge amount of waste around the place.


Despite what is published, and the claims and appeals by many people, but the situation remains as it is. Add to that the lack of umbrellas protect against the sun's heat, only a single umbrella, which, of course, not enough for seating for all taxi owners , as well as the goers requests for this direction to increase the municipality control on the movable rickety restaurant and cafe, which need to health control, because they lack the simplest hygiene and health conditions.. Which opens the field again to develop that vital region, which represents as a link for travelers to Sultanate states and whom are coming to Muscat.


Public Services


On the other hand ,   at the level of Public Amenities, which Muscat governorate lacks its majority, you will find Al-Qurum Natural Park, is still with its ancient lake, boats and fountain as they were known by its goers, since a long time, not to mention the lack of other services including toilets which needs to responsible clean team, and lack of chain restaurants provide what the needs of goers services, as well as children's toys that have not undergone renovation since years.


To keep everyone waiting for the three-year plan which settled by the municipality to complete 40 park and a playground for children, which began last June to provide a suitable atmosphere for the exercise of sporting and recreational activities; according to international specifications and standards.


Final Word


People’s appeals to Muscat Municipality officials, lies in finding a quick solution to fundamental problems, not complementary, such as traffic and hygiene, and the roads safety and activating the role of projects supervision that are completed on public roads and populated streets by cars - so to speak - to ensure them more blissful and stable life..


In order to solve these problems; what is needed is effective coordination between all concerned parties, especially since Muscat become a tourist spot, and the concerned authorities needs to activate the regulatory decisions.


Whatever asked is the reality holds several claims and appeals of the people for Muscat Municipality, and what is new of those questions posed by many of private sector projects owners on what they called "bureaucratic", performance of Muscat Municipality in dealing with the licenses and boards "Boards" for their companies, which takes long in talking about that, and may be give it a space during our coming editions ..


It remains to be said that, in line with the recommendations that emerged from the recent symposium on "the development of government performance" under the patronage of Maulana His Majesty - may God protect him – and his excellent policy which governing the principles of basic promote,   in line with the role of media assigned to us, we put those claims on the table of "Muscat Municipality" officials’. Is it responsive?

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IMAGE "Gulf's development" .. Boom on the sidelines of the "dark history" of the area
Monday, 25 November 2013
  Dr. Mustafa Al-Khatib reviews the assets and developments "Gulf's development" .. Boom on the sidelines of the "dark history" of the area   In an attempt to record the important topics , that concern specialist researchers who search in historical and political   of the Arab region in general, and the GCC in particular, recently , the Research Department and Cultural Studies at the Ministry of Culture, Qatar Arts and Heritage ,issued a book titled "Arabian Gulf: Studies in the... Read More...
IMAGE In a recent report by the Bustle Years of slavery tops the list of
Thursday, 02 January 2014
  In a recent report by the Bustle Years of slavery tops the list of "2013 best movies" Bustle revealed best movies of 2013; the" 12 Years of Slavery", starred by Brad Pitt, and co- starring by Paul Dano, Michael Fassbender , Sarah Paulson and Paul Giamatti , and directed by Steve McQueen and written by John Ridley, topped the list. Mud, starred by Reese Withers, written and directed by Jeff Nichols, co-starred by Michael Shannon, Matthew Mc Conaughey , Sarah Paulson , and Sam Shepard,... Read More...
IMAGE The hero of "Titanic" returns "Wilson" to life
Wednesday, 09 October 2013
  The hero of "Titanic" returns "Wilson" to life   The American Leonardo DiCaprio acts the character of the twenty-eighth U.S. President of the United States of America, "Woodrow Wilson," who won Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 , for a film based on a book by the author "Scott Berg," it was the biography of Wilson , it deals with aspects of many humanitarian in character .. According to news agency reported the Middle East. In the same context, the French "Fauci. F.. R." site quoted from... Read More...
IMAGE " Schwarzenegger's memoirs " .. The march of an artist with "diplomatic" policy
Saturday, 09 November 2013
  " Schwarzenegger's memoirs   " .. The march of an artist with "diplomatic" policy   The American star Arnold Schwarzenegger is working hard these days, to write his memoirs, in which he will reveal where all the secrets of his family, artistic, political, and as a bodybuilder life , as well as details of his relationship with his maid - which recently revealed - that the son of Schwarzenegger came from an illicit relationship , according to  People magazine . The Web... Read More...
IMAGE "Excessive Dowry" … Between Religion and Traditions
Friday, 13 September 2013
  "Excessive Dowry" … Between Religion and Traditions   In line with its vision and based on its commitment by reaching to all categories of society, Business & Tenders approaches new attitude, trying to disclose what is "hidden", in order to find solutions to heal the wounds and correct the path; giving a hand to the society to escape from all whatever is negative. Business & Tenders discusses this week one of the most important issues and cases spreading over local... Read More...
IMAGE "Vienna Opera" spread its Spanish tunes in the sky of the Royal Opera
Friday, 13 December 2013
  "Vienna Opera" spread its Spanish tunes in the sky of the Royal Opera   The Royal Opera House , concluded events last November, it introduced "the Vienna Opera," which is one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world, under the title of " Proposal of Figaro's Marriage ," which is the most famous record business house, as it is among the Favorite work in all opera houses around the world. According to "Oman" news , Vienna Opera, today, s one of the most important opera... Read More...
IMAGE $ 2.500 Only to meet, "Britney Spears"
Friday, 24 January 2014
  $ 2.500 Only to meet, "Britney Spears"   Many of the international star Britney Spears fans expressed their angry , after they knew that interview with Britney ,face-to-face for 3 sec cost $ 2,500 dollars, while , one of her assistants confirmed that this amount is only allocated to click a photo for her ,, this is away from touching or embrace her without her permission, It is not also allowed to give any gifts but it is possible to pick up a souvenir photo with her. It is... Read More...
IMAGE "Sanchez" told his critics: die of fury
Friday, 08 November 2013
  "Sanchez" told his critics: die of fury Reuters quoted to Chilean "Alexis Sanchez" Barcelona striker, his words during apress conference: The criticism make me "more stronger and mature," I am now in the place where I'm not thinking of leaving it. Sanchez's remarks came on the eve in which his team front the Italian EC Milan , in the third stage , in the European Champions League group. For his personal situation in the team, he said: "I ​​do not feel a deep change, things as they... Read More...
IMAGE Final "World Cup 2014" ignites in November ..20 teams until now in the final list
Wednesday, 30 October 2013
  More than 6 million requests to attend the championship… "Rebelo" intends to resign Final "World Cup 2014" ignites in November ..20 teams until now in the final list   The   Brazilian Sports Minister "Aldo Rebelo," announced a big surprise, last week, announcing his intention to resign from his post in December, just 6 months before the start of the World Cup in his country, in order to run for the position of a governor of the state of Sao Paulo. Which was shocking to... Read More...
IMAGE "Iraqi Kurdistan" is preparing for the starting whistle for "Gulf 22"
Wednesday, 09 October 2013
  Amid fears of Basra's lack of readiness for the championship "Iraqi Kurdistan" is preparing for the starting whistle for "Gulf 22"   "Sven Kanbi" the head of Football Association in the Kurdistan – Iraq said that : The region is ready and willing to host the "Gulf 22" in Erbil and the rest of its cities, this in the case Basra did not get the approve  and move it out of the country .. Explaining that "city of Erbil, and the other cities of the region are willing and ready to... Read More...
IMAGE "PSG" pays 64 million euros .. a myth "Dowry"for "Cavani"
Thursday, 08 August 2013
In the most expensive deal in the world of sports "PSG" pays 64 million euros .. a myth "Dowry"for "Cavani"   Rome - (A .F.B) For the second summer consecutively , "Parc des Princes" playground is in the focus of attention , after the administration of Paris Saint-Germain refused any team to beat its local team , even in fictional deals ; so , by its contracting with the Uruguayan striker Adsion Cavani from Napoli compared to 64 million euros, in transitions deal considers the most... Read More...
IMAGE "Sport in Oman" .. still at a crossroads!
Tuesday, 18 June 2013
  Almradwv met with club heads to discuss   challenges and mechanisms' solution "Sport in Oman" ..   still at a crossroads! HE Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed bin Said Almradwv Saadi, the Minister of Sports Affairs, confirmed  that his ministry intends to   complete the rest of their sports programs during the remaining period of the year  , which is scheduled to include   "Youth," and "Summer of Sport" program  ,   "camps, youth... Read More...
IMAGE "The Real" defying fans offers” Casillas " for sale
Thursday, 02 January 2014
  "The Real" defying fans offers” Casillas " for sale In a big surprise, "The Mirror" reported that The Real Madrid offered its goalkeeper Iker Casillas to Manchester City and Arsenal, to enlist him during the winter transfer. The newspaper resported those officials at the Real are subject to intense pressure by the public and the media, to rely on Casillas in the starting lineup for the team, which pushed them to think about his departure to another club. According to the British... Read More...
IMAGE International Conference on Islamic Banking
Monday, 04 June 2012
    International Conference  on Islamic Banking Asia 2012 Islamic finance promotes economic and financial linkages between Asia and the Middle East   More than 450 industry leaders are seeking opportunities for new Islamic finance cross-border in Asia, at the Third Annual Islamic Conference of the World Banking Summit of Asia, it reflected the rapid expansion of Islamic finance in the world, and its ability to remain in the competitive field and meet the increasingly... Read More...
IMAGE Omantel concludes its participation in Salalah Tourism Festival 2013
Monday, 16 September 2013
Omantel concludes its participation in Salalah Tourism Festival 2013 Omantel, the main sponsor of Salalah Tourism Festival 2013 has concluded its participation in the festival last Friday. Under the theme “Together”, we have celebrated the Khareef season together by having many interactive weekly activities at the Municipality Recreation Centre along with other locations attended by more thousands of families and tourists. Verity of activities: Commenting on this participation,... Read More...
IMAGE Omantel launches an Islamic application for smartphones
Thursday, 08 August 2013
Omantel launches an Islamic application for smartphones    On the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan, Omantel is introducing a special Ramadan application with the objective of providing its customers with a variety of Islamic content that would enrich their day. With this application “Islamiyat” Omantel customers can receive alerts for prayer timings with Adhan,listen to Holy Quran recitations and ‘dua’ prayers, go through the Islamic library, and watch Live video... Read More...
IMAGE Audi wins “International Engine of the Year” Award 2013 for 2.5-liter TFSI
Tuesday, 25 June 2013
   Audi wins “International Engine of the Year” Award 2013 for 2.5-liter TFSI Best engine in 2-liter to 2.5-liter category for fourth year in a row Ninth category award win in a row for Audi TFSI technology       Neckarsulm/Ingolstadt " Germany " Business & Tenders Ingolstadt/Stuttgart, June 9, 2013 – A jury of 87 motoring journalists from around the world has voted the Audi 2.5-liter TFSI as the “International Engine of the Year 2013” in the 2-liter to... Read More...
IMAGE Bank Muscat Green Sports panel visits Batinah clubs
Wednesday, 29 May 2013
  Bank Muscat Green Sports panel visits Batinah clubs        The Green Sports initiative launched by Bank Muscat, as part of a unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project aimed at contributing to developing a sporting nation, is presently evaluating applications, in its second year of operations, to finance sports clubs across Oman to green their playing fields in 2013. A committee overseeing the implementation of Green Sports visited Al Jazeera Team in Suwaiq,... Read More...
IMAGE Brazil hosts the World Environment Day 5 June 2012
Monday, 28 May 2012
  Brazil hosts the World Environment Day 5 June 2012     The world began to celebrate the World Environment Day in 1972 , one of the world cities hosts the official  events on  5 June every year ,the United Nations Environment "UNEP" was established in the same year under the patronage of the Organization of the United Nations , which organizes the celebration of the global environment day on 5 June to clarify the risks surrounding environment, and what are the... Read More...















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